About Us

 Who are we:
We are ACCLAIM NIGERIA, a growing ‘Development, and Sustainability’ media promoting firm, highlighting nation-building and global progressive works.

Through our various journalistic platforms, we are progressively becoming renown, trusted and sustainable development partner/promoter of integrated development efforts.

Our Vision:
To become a globally respected development promoting, partnering and high impact media outfit.

 Our Mission:

  • To report and showcase growth and development activities through qualitative, unbiased and profitable information dissemination avenues.
  • To Continually identify, encourage and showcase the efforts of relevant stakeholders for national and global development purposes.
  • To continually use our prints (magazines, Newsletters, Books/Works of literature, other publications), and other online platforms support growths, improvements, and advancement of Nigeria, Africa, and an improved world.
  • To partner and sustain our collaborations with Development partners across the globe.
  • To continually engage in activities and strides of humanity and societal benefits and gains.

Our Partners:
In the course of our journalistic endeavors, we have become partners in progress to several key players of growths both locally and internationally. 
These change agents include individuals from all walks of life,  CEOs and Corporations, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations, Academic Institutions, Public and Private Establishment across sectors, Diplomatic Community  and Foreign Mission in Nigeria and abroad (including Embassies, Consulate-Generals, development agencies, UN,
and core International Development Partners.

Our Media-Mandate:
Being a unique media-platform from Nigeria with a global focus, our strives is to continually contribute to global-good, hence our journalistic pillars are erected to support  all forms of known structural growths, through the promotions of :

  1. Democracy and Diplomacy.
  2. Good Governance, Human Rights and an Inclusive Society.
  3. Girl-Child Growth, Women Empowerment, and Gender Equality.
  4. Security, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building and Attainments.
  5. A Drug-free, Crime-free and Prosperous Nation.
  6. Environmental Development and Sustainability. 
  7. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics improvements and qualitative Educational realization at all levels and for all.
  8. Supports for actions and activities preventing illegal Migrations of persons and Endangered Species and Artifacts.
  9. Sustained Advocacy and Interactions for a more habitable World.

Our Values:
Compass: Integrity.
Commitments: Productive, Genuine and Profitable Information flow.
Commendations: Dedication to Duty and satisfaction of our Partners and Global Readers
Collaborations: Goals, interests, and pursuits of a safer, better and prosperous world.
Creativity: God.

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