17th December 2021

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COVID-19 Vaccines are necessary because:

  • They are safe, effective and easy to administer (including the booster shots).
  • They are Life-Savers.
  • They can greatly help to reduce the spread of the virus and ultimately put an end to this protracted pandemic.
  • They are medical miracles against a killer-virus and a devastating plague.
  • They can help reset the national economy, re-start citizenry livelihoods and enhance global comfort.
  • They are free, available and accessible.
  • Vaccines hesitancy and outright refusal can cause preventable deaths, untold pains. irreversible losses and avoidable regrets
  • Misinformation and/or falsehood about them can increase hospitalizations and  put lives at great risks.
  • Promoting vaccinations against COVID-19 is important for freedom of movement of persons around the country and across the globe.

Dispelling the negative and damaging rumours about COVID-19 vaccines and becoming a participant and spreader of its efficacy, impact and good news ensure your neighbors and the world’s safety, survival and sustenance.

We have A Civic Responsibility To Support Healthier, Safer, Coronavirus Free And Prosperous People & Planet…GET A JAB TODAY!

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