ITALY MISSION IN NIGERIA CELEBRATES 2023 NATIONAL DAY: Consul General Ugo Boni holds a remarkable event in Lagos.

13th June 2023

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Italy is a unique country, a centre of historical evolvement, an enviable hub of sophistication with rich cultural pride. It is a visible and venerated nation in Europe; and its global-growth pursuits, humanitarian dispositions and leadership commitments geared towards ensuring a safe and prosperous planet and people continues to place her in the front seat of international reckoning. Bel Paese is indeed a beautiful land, a friendly nation with robust and well-respected relations with many countries of the world.

Mr Ugo Boni delivering his welcome remarks.

Nigeria and Italy also continue to enjoy established relationship spanning many years. Both nations have shared commitments in deepening democracy and democratic values, enhancing security and defence ties, ensuring access to quality education, boosting trade growth, advancing health progress, promoting and sustaining peace. And, both national governments (in Rome and Abuja) are forging stronger cooperations to confront developmental challenges (including climatic changes) and bolster efforts for a brighter future.

‘Nigeria Is A Priority & Progressive Partner of Italy’

                                                                                            …. Ugo Boni

Italy’s presence in Nigeria via its mission, trade representations, development agencies, cultural impact, goodwill ambassadors and people (living and working in Nigeria) interactions are also increasing in leaps and bounds bringing along deserved and desired benefits.

Guests standing-up for both nation national anthems.

As a republic, Italy’s sovereignty and freedom are dearly cherished, and Italians all over the world, both young and old from all strata of life treasures and looks forward to this Day of the year (every June 2) to commemorate the struggles, sacrifices and successes of a free land and people.

Towards this, the Italian mission in Nigeria celebrated its National Day both at the Embassy in Abuja and the Consulate General in Lagos. The Lagos event, which was held on June 3rd, 2023, at the Green House, Ikoyi, Lagos, was proudly hosted by the Consulate General in Lagos, led by the Consul General and its team.  Mr. Ugo Boni and his wife, Mrs Gulzhanat Kaiyrbekova were promptly on ground on the D-Day- resplendently looking and warmly welcoming the invited guests. The event ambience was secured, lively and colourfully adorned with Italian national colours, flags, souvenirs and other insignias of national pride and inspiration.

Toast-Time: Clicking of glasses

The reception commenced with the singing of the Italian and Nigeria national anthems respectively, thereafter, was the Consul General’s short opening remarks. The CG, who is hosting the first National Day event in Lagos, conveyed the good will message of his government and also expressed delight in the blossoming of the bilateral relationship and development partnership ongoing between the two friendly nations i.e Italy and Nigeria. He lauded the roles of the Nigerian government in global growth realisation and acknowledged its new leader president Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s nationalistic and visionary leadership, noting that Nigeria is a key development ally of Italy. He thus called for more participation of progress between both countries and citizenries.

A time for mingling, Dining & Dancing

The reception also showcased the Italian hospitality, warmness and reachout, as invited dignitaries from diverse sectors of the societies had great and fun-filled time with good music rendition, sumptuous meals & drinks and profitable mingling. It was indeed an evening of relaxation as friends of Italy gathered to celebrate with a true friend of Nigeria in Lagos.

Acclaim Nigeria International Magazine (ANIM) crew was among the guests and also covered the event.

Kudos to Consul General Ugo Boni and his beautiful wife for hosting such a wonderful reception.

Kudos to the Italian Mission in Nigeria for its invaluable works of national development.

Long Live Italy-Nigeria Ties!











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