10th February 2024

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Since independence Nigeria has adopted unique and friendly postures that are evolving with times and reaping-in enviable dividends in the course of its nationhood journey. The country’s managers then in their reasonableness and wisdom when positioning the nation on its forward movement believed and had ensured that special attention and actions be paid to its external relations, and the Current Nigerian President, H.E.Asiwaju Bola Tinubu is still towing that path with robust foreign polices outlines and pursuits. For these visioners, finding and making more good friends are good for the land’s growth and prosperity and the acknowledgement it deserves in the comity of nations. The nation foreign policy goal is thus maintained and improved on and as the year goes has produced admirable achievements.

As no nation thrives in seclusion with pariah countries having to bear the brunt of isolationism and its attendant setbacks, many heads of governments also believes that togetherness is the best and quickest vehicle to move the world forward. Some of them have even etched permanently in their country’s constitution the creed and code consistent with this consideration and direction.

Ambassador Juan in Abuja

Nigeria is seen and regarded as a country with good cordial relations with many. The country establishes and expands contacts with nations, organisations and persons across the world that adds value to her national affairs and wellness, and this gesture has proudly earned her the ‘Big Brother’ status in the sub-region and continent.

Spain is indeed a True Friend of Nigeria

Expectedly, nations are swiftly endearing towards Nigeria, gladly keeping the bonds enacted unbroken and ensuring the law of reciprocity stands.  Leading and powerful nations have kept faith with Nigeria, helping to preserve and promote the Founders vision for the country and solidifying progress that advances its destiny. Even in the dark days of military coups and their unsolicited  and dictatorial leadership these great friends believe in Nigeria’s posterity and perpetuity. If there is therefore any countries whose relationship and loyalty with Nigeria has stood the test of times and leaves no one in doubt of A TRUE FRIEND INDEED, then THE KINGDOM OF SPAIN ranks chiefly among them.

All through the years and even till date its foreign mission continues to demonstrate that Nigeria has not made a mistake in charting a path of companionship and continuation with Spain. From valued diplomacy, sustained development, reinforced defence efforts to commendable devotions, dexterity displays and daily dealings with the country, Nigerians and global citizens are convinced that Spain is among the friends that sticketh better than a brother. The government and People of Spain are also not resting on their oars in ensuring that this association carefully chosen is enjoyed for all times.

Consul General Ferre at an event in Lago

More surprising and pleasing to note too is the fact that Spanish Envoys in the country since the start of the relationship between both countries till date are setting new records of improvements and accomplishments. From serving the interests of Spaniards and its government interests in the country, encouraging Nigeria women participation in governance and development, eliciting and empowering talents and innovations in music, arts & cultures growth, commerce boost, qualitative training and equipping of journalists practitioners in the country on media modernity and effective communication, to tourism, effective investment drive, efficient security and peace pact, healthiness and health safety of Nigerian (even in the days of the pandemic via unprecedented covid-19 vaccines donations), academic enhancement, top-notch government relation, Spain is a noticeable development in almost all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Ambassador Sell headship is opening ways to more beneficial partnership between Spain and Nigeria

Felicitaciones to Ambassador Juan Sell leadership and the Spanish Team In Nigeria (both the foreign & local staff). The ebullient Envoy who currently oversees the overall mission tasks has taken the diplomatic duties to greater levels of worth and weight. Ambassador Sell stands tall among its Ambassador colleagues serving in the country. He is a man who understands the scope and significance of his job and executes it very well. He administers an enjoyable and motivated leadership style that boosts Nigeria cooperation with Spain and now more Nigerians are aware of how much Spain is dear to their beloved country.

ANIM Boss Mr Olumide Ogunlade with Spanish Ambassador To Nigeria, Amb. Juan Sell at his Residence in Abuja

During the end of last year (in 2023), Ambassador Sell had a breakfast meeting (among other strategic Nigerian partners) with representatives of the Nigerian Media at the Ambassador residence in Abuja, (having had a similar get-together with leadership of the media in the nation the previous year), The aim was to thank them of their support to Spain progress, to the Spanish mission in Nigeria and to his leadership success so far through their various attendance, coverage and promotions of Spanish programmes and events in Nigeria. This unprecedented meal-time talks have afforded opportunities of rich interactive session on ways to continually move both nations forward.

Ms. Ayisat Naallah with a colleague visited Head of Mission, H.E. Amb Beatrice Danyaro at the Embassy of Nigeria, Madrid, SpainM

Appreciation also to the new Spanish Consul General in Lagos, Mr Jose Maria Ferre, a senior Spanish representative in the country. The humble, friendly and highly intelligent Consul General is walking the talk, putting actions to words, getting things done in the Consulate and making the connections and impacts needed to continually enrich the Nigeria-Spain Ties. He is a remarkable speaker at invited events, host of Consulate laudable events in Lagos and surrounding states, guest at government, institutional and other private functions, VIP participant at development programmes and head of consular operations in the country.

Ms. Ayisat and colleagues visited the former Consul General, Mr. Daniel M. Losada at the Spanish Consulate General in Lagos

Mr Jose is also an avid reader who loves knowledge acquisition and takes keen interests in the growth of the host country through extensive reading and productive participation. Such is the uncommonness and quality of Spanish foreign staff in various ‘Tour Of Duty’ and Nigeria is fortunate to have a good number these rare human assets dutifully serving Spain globally.

Ms. Ayisat O, Omolola at an international event 1001 BODAS in Madrid Spain

To continued collaborations between the two great nations,,, SALUDO AL LIDERAZGO MISIONERO ESPAÑOL EN NIGERIA!                                                

Long Live Spain.

(This article is a series on Foreign Missions contributions to Nigeria’s ongoing development. Thank you all!).

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