17th February 2024

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    ANIM Pays Courtesy Visit To France Consulate General in Lagos

France is a sought-after partner of progress and a global promoter of international stability, educational advancement, trade growth, economic improvements and good governance. Its strategic inputs to gender quality, health advancement, defence collaborations, poverty reduction and shared prosperity are commendable, The European giant is indeed a choice-ally of many who desires its friendship and continuity. While the country appreciates her global worth and contributions to humanity improvements and sustainable development, it continues to forge ahead to sustains the enviable accomplishments and respects earned.

Consul General Laurent Favier

One of France growth-strategies deployed over the years that makes it stand out among nations is the quality of its institutions and the personnel assigned to superintend them. These representations make France visible and revered. And, one of such formal diplomatic institutions in Nigeria is the France Consulate General in Lagos, which is currently headed by Consul General, Mr. Laurent Favier.

Mr Favier took the mantle of leadership at the France Mission in Lagos in September 2023. He has political, economic, management and cooperation experience acquired over 16 years in the service of French diplomacy. Before his rich and impactful diplomatic voyage, Mr Favier had a professional experience in the Ministry of Defence (1996-2007), he joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a special advisor to the Director of Finance (2007-2009), then worked in the Africa and Indian Ocean Directorate, particularly in charge of the Great Lakes and the Horn of Africa countries (2009-2011).

Mr Laurent Favier is a quintessential, experienced and vastly travelled Envoy presently on a Tour Of Duty in Nigeria

Appointed as a Second Counsellor, Head of cooperation, he joined the French Embassy in Uganda in Kampala (2011-2014) before being appointed as the Deputy Chief of Mission to the French Embassy in Guinea Conakry and Sierra Leone (2014-2018)

Back in central administration in Paris, he held the position of Head of Division in the Directorate of Economic Diplomacy (2018-2021) before joining the French Embassy in Mali as the Deputy Chief of Mission (2021-2023). He holds degrees in foreign languages, social law and international relations, he also has experience in the private sector. He holds the Foreign Affairs Medal of Honour (silver). 

Towards getting to know more about this experienced and vastly travelled Envoy posted to Nigeria at this point in time in the life of the country, Acclaim Nigeria International Magazine (ANIM) paid a courtesy call to him at his Office at the Consulate. The Consul General is addition to his enviable professional acquirement is a pleasant and convivial personality who gladly received us to the Consulate. During the interactive and memorable meeting, Laurent Favier a man to always learn new things from let us into his roles and reachouts in Nigeria.

          Presidents Macron & Tinubu exchanges pleasantries

For him his diplomatic pursuits are centered on the followings among others:

Bolstering France-Nigeria Relations: France is great friend of Nigeria with cordial and gainful relations that had spanned decades. Both nations share many high-level engagements at government and private circles. France considers Nigeria a beloved partner in many forms of development cooperation. Pleasingly too, President Macron, its current leader, fondness and friendship with Nigeria are inspiring and sets growth agenda and actions for continued relations with the country and people. It is also imperative to state that successive envoys are doing their best to maintain and scale-up this association.

Towards this, and as a senior French Envoy in Nigeria, part of the Consul General responsibilities in Nigeria is to continually promote the interests of his country here and to reinforce both nations relations to enviable levels. Speaking further on this during the recent visitation, Mr Favier said he is strongly committed to deepening the ongoing ties through sustaining existing initiatives and evolving new and helpful innovation and promises the Nigerian public more beneficial activities now and in the days ahead, He also noted with excitement the exploits both nations have achieved so far urging all stakeholders to always keep the flame of friendship on.

Fostering Trade Ties With Nigeria:

 Due to Nigeria’s demography, socio-economic, commercial, arts, entertainment, cultural and political importance, it has become a global preferred trade partner with many great nations including with France. Statistics also shows that Nigeria now stands as one of Paris’s leading trading partner south of the Sahara, accounting for 20% of commercial exchanges in 2022. The trade volume between the two countries, valued at $5.9 billion last year, increased by 47% in 2022, following a 14.5% rise in 2021

Accordingly, available reports show that imports of natural hydrocarbons, other extractive industry products, electricity, and waste “alone represent 85.5% of the value of commercial exchanges between Nigeria and France.” Overall, Nigeria would account for 4.7% of French oil imports in 2022.

These are impressive feats for both countries in terms of trade boosts as France seeks increased trade partnership with Nigeria. One of Consul General Favier goals is to progressively ensure that trade partnership is scaled-up towards bringing more French investors and investment interests to Nigeria while at the same time encouraging more Nigerians to do businesses in France.

He is tirelessly working round the clock to rally businesspersons, groups, institutions, and platforms such as the France-Nigeria Chambers of Commerce and Franco-Nigeria Business Community in line with President Macron plans for an improved trade engagement with France. Like other colleagues he is also stimulating the president’s launch and promotion of TRADE DESK for Anglophone countries in Paris. He is extensively networking, attending symposia, conferences, Fairs to boost more economic ties between French and the Nigeria people.

ANIM crew with the Consul General at his office during the visitation

Consolidating On The Mission Consular Activities. Being a man of excellence and profitable outcome, Mr Favier further underlined that the Mission under his headship will continue to witness more growth in all areas of operations, and Nigerians should continue to expect more works of productivity, excellence and impact., Mr Favier also drew our attention to the innovative ‘France Space’ at the Lagos TLScontact Center (an outsourcing company for visa applications processing on behalf of France), as some of the newness experienced and expected towards improving consular services provision and clients/customers’ satisfaction. As the Consulate continues to serve the southern part of the nation’s dedicatedly, Kudos to Team France at the Consulate General in Lagos for the great works undertaken.

Promoting France Embassy Development Strives And Engaging Nation-Building Promoters: As the leading France foreign formal representation in the country, the Embassy of France in Abuja coordinates efforts between Paris and Abuja, and its Head of Mission the Ambassador oversee its overall affairs. The Consul General also noted that part of his duties is to persistently promote the Embassy’s admirable efforts in the country. He was elated to also let us into the many works of progress the Abuja mission regularly embarks on in Nigeria. He stressed that efforts on education, agriculture, health, arts & culture among other diplomatic and development commitments are on-going.

He also reassures that his leadership will continue to work with other key growth players in nation-building strides in the country, and his reception to ANIM, a demonstration of France hospitality further underscores this reassurance. It is also important to note that Mr Favier will be featuring in the media organisation youth conference in Lagos (conference detail will be available soon).

Here is urging all well-meaning Nigerians and institutions both in the public and private sector to continue to provide the necessary supports and motivation to the leadership and staff to enhance their functionality and diplomatic-delivery.

Long Live France Consulate General in LagosLong Live France-Nigeria Relations









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