29th November 2021

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These are indeed trying times…..

Disheartening and discouraging occurrences, scenarios, news and outcomes are increasingly reported and witnessed across the length and breadth of the globe and this is very scary and sad. The truth is we are now living in very challenging times as things are getting more twisted; and with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and its dreadful variants unleashed, the worst may not be over yet. It is also startling that despite countries (and top nations) investments in internal defense systems, high-level security vigilance, prided battle-ready and troops deployment; there was no single launch of assault guns, drones, nuclear weapons, deadly super-sonic jets, inter-ballistic missiles, rockets strikes and other well-suited weapons of wars from any country to combat and prevent the invasion of this deadly virus, whose penetration into fortified nations’ capitals and cities have caused massive disease outbreaks and unpleasant outcomes. This clearly points out that we can all be challenged by a common hater that defies modern warfare technology, and the best of human endeavors can indeed fall short of expectations. So we need one another and we all need God, especially when all our prided efforts appeared to have failed and /or failing.

COVID-19 outbreak scale and severity has and will continue to dominate global discussions and interventions for a long time. The pandemic has nonetheless evolved challenges, difficult problems you will say that are competing with and complicating other rising issues of daily worldwide concerns, making the whole global state of affairs scary and precarious. Howbeit, in the midst of this chaos, the world is also witnessing an unprecedented global solidarity in its various confrontation and solutions provision, heralding the much needed succor, even though these are not enough now.

Some of the wide-reaching challenges affecting our planet as a result of this include:


As the Coronavirus contagion continues with increasing infections and deaths, and the virus resurgence across many countries of the world, global citizenry health-safety is now imperiled more than ever before. Obviously, the world woke up rather late to the realization that an unseen and vicious enemy with the sole motive to kill, steal and destroy had surreptitiously crept into its midst. While most of us were busy with our various life schedules and goals, a killer virus with absolutely no respect for status, skills and societies had initiated an offensive of unimaginable speed and incredible scale that was eventually declared a pandemic, triggering colossal human loss and economic woes: sicknesses, deaths, pains, emotional trauma, national shutdowns and a never seen compulsory worldwide holiday in the 21st century..

The pandemic has thus exposed decades of decline in many nation’s health care structures and systems. It has also exposed the low capacity, slow resilience and lack of countries preparedness and response to sudden adversities and major health threats, while also revealing neglect of healthcare-workers welfare, and how world best health and hospital facilities can unexpectedly become overburdened and sometimes helpless.

The health sector is writhing in pain and shockingly super-power countries once looked onto as succor in times of (health) needs are the hardest-hit now with mounting reports of sicknesses, sufferings and deaths. Health personnel are on the frontline attacks, facing avoidable deaths and dangers in the course of duty, Patients in hospitals as a results of COVID-19 are dying daily, medical protective facilities are in dire shortage, confirmed cases are persisting, and fearfully, an increased in human death is further envisaged as a result of the lesser attention or medical neglect on sufferers of other equally dreadful diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, Flu, cardio-vascular diseases, diabetes, mental problems among others, due to coronavirus challenge.

.The world is enveloped with gloom and uncertainties. Flags were flown in half mast, restrictions to countries prevail, confusion and frustration persists, and the diverse loses in terms of human lives and vitality are colossal and unmatched. Planet’s inhabitants and their health are indeed facing unprecedented health uncertainties. Who will now rescue from these?


As if the health crises are not enough burden, the global political space is another arena that is presently inflamed with nations across board directly and/or indirectly feeling the heat and aftermaths. Politics play a central focus in global affairs and international relations. It is a strategic component in world’s dealings and engagements: setting leadership and national direction, swinging actions and swaying activities for or against as interest arises, advancing and influencing reactions of governments and global citizens to issues at stakes. Politics control nearly every other sector of the economy and its demonstrative to great extent how the world works. So much is happening in the today’s political affairs and the coronavirus pandemic has just escalated the apprehensions. Global development institutions, countries, governments of nations, leaders of government, people in power and stakeholders in different spheres of authority are directly and directly impacted by political games.

The world’s political system is diversely experiencing untold challenges ranging from disputable constitutional reforms, undesirable decrees, executive orders and policies, unacceptable royal directives and monarchial dictators, forced seized of power, contestable elections (at local and international levels)and voters’ dissatisfactions. While some nations are basking in the excitement of new leadership others countries are not so lucky as they are faced with various degrees of political degradations and dangers. Political imbroglio, protests, revolts and standoffs, and even coup d’états, war breakouts and fatal causalities are trending negatively. As more nations are gearing up for new and anticipated hotly-contested elections, one hopes that the outcomes of these serious political engagements are favorable even in the midst of an already troubled global polity.


Perhaps after the great world-wars I&II, the world has never witnessed such devastating economic crises as caused by this pandemic. No sector seemed spared by the virus vicious invasion. From aviation, tourism, entertainment, fashion, sports, to Oil & Gas, business and trade, agric, and others. Great nations revered as financial powers and budding economic hubs are currently experiencing unthinkable contractions in their economies. Rising inflations, dwindling purchasing and selling powers, inability to pay back or borrow new loans to finance developments, cancellations of debts, depletion of savings and foreign reserves due to low revenues, unexpected spending, budget cuts and re-adjustments and a colossal loss of livelihoods and means and rising recessions are racing in.

Oil rich dependence nations are adversely feeling the heat too. Airlines, tourism, hospitality and related industries are also hard-hit, gravely affecting millions of jobs losses. High rate of unemployment, fiscal, financial and stocks crashes are not uncommon anymore dealing heavy blows on major global businesses, increasing global poverty especially in poor and developing countries and of course spurring growing worries even as the world strives for a way out of this dilemma.

The spates of difficult decisions taken as seen during this pandemic are also phenomenal. The choice and options embarked upon by leaders and people in power across cities and countries are left to be imagined. Alarmingly are difficult decisions that have led to unimaginable postponements and/or cancellations of key global meetings, sports tournaments, musical and entertainments events, exhibitions/fairs, festivals and religious gatherings amongst many. Hard alternatives taken by world managers and key development stakeholders have prompted complete lockdowns of countries and national-lives, closures of borders/boundaries, strict and enforceable restrictions of people movements (even between and among sister nations and regional blocs), enforced isolations and quarantines and other mandatory mitigation measures Would this the new normal continues? Only time can tell.

Aviation (and related business in all types of aircrafts) one of the fasted promoters of global dealings and an important connector of people and enhancer of international affairs promotion is not spared of this offensive. Major global airlines were shut down, airplanes parked, pilots and cabin crew without jobs, control towers empty and the various world airspaces were devoid of prestigious airbuses, except for repatriations, evacuation and emergency flights. Ever busy airports, which were once beehives of activities, became ghost spots at one time as none went in or came out. Thank goodness these flying controlling centers and air buses are rapidly opening up again.

Similarly tourism, a steady companion of aviation comprising activities of persons traveling for leisure, business and other purposes have also felt the impact in their marketability and profitability. The industry has witnessed low turnouts and visitations in most of its money spinners and employment conduits such as parks, beaches, ship cruises and hospitality centers, restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. But, as the global economies slowly rise up, it is hoped that the tourism sector will be able to fully and steadily stand on both feet again.

Even the ‘Global Education System’ a huge platform of knowledge acquisition and transfer is hugely disrupted. Most global children are still staying out of school or partially under-taking in-person classes, even under extreme safety precautions. Tutors are out of jobs, schools’ curriculum badly shaken, educational institutions and international enviable Ivy Towers still shut (with some with online classes on) and the overall pedagogic environment all around the world still hugely threatened by the pandemic. Even Sports, a lucrative global business and development activity is also seriously hampered in terms of growth and productivity.


Racial crises, Wars and Violence Escalations, Terrorism and Extremism Cases, Rape, Police Brutality, etc)

All over the world, from Nigeria, other African countries to many parts of the earth are increasing cases of racial crises, terrorism cases, kidnapping and banditry occurrences, hatred, wars and sound of wars, gun violence, leadership crises, corruption, violence prevalence, police brutality, armed conflict, irresolvable issues and more in this hostile space.

People are dying daily; lives are being lost unjustly, the environment is degraded, societal injustice and unrests mounts, properties destructions, carnage and panic now are normal occurrences, and wickedness perpetrations against fellow humans amid other related challenges on the rise like never before. These acts of aggression perpetrated against humanity are dangerous to lives and in violations to the criminal laws of any country. They bully government and intimidate the public; and sometimes aimed at advancing and or influence political, policy, religious or ideological cause. Other than that of the person committing the acts, violence brings about serious damage to assets and livelihoods, creates serious setbacks to the public’s health and safety, and disrupts democracy and good-governance, rule of law, people’s liberty and right of choice.

Now racial discrimination of any form are fiercely resisted globally as it is seen as unacceptable and a bad practice. Irrespective of race, colour, background, educational status or race all men are equal before God should learn to tolerate, love and live as our brothers’ keeper. Following these extreme activities perpetrations are rising agitations and people’s dissatisfaction of governance, citizenry anguish, women and children vulnerability and sufferings, economic ruins, security and safety risks and a disruptive global system and crises. We therefore owe it a responsibility as global citizen to stand-up and say NO to destructive actions and practices.

Globally, the rate of crime and vices has grown tremendously including: new wave of internet /cyber-crime activities and online scams (including increased hackers activities), monopolistic tendencies, vicious conspiracy theories, nationalistic self-interest, distrust, sweeping and autocratic powers by Head Of Government to take unilateral and unchecked actions, celebrated individualism and un-altruistic tendencies in a world of emerging multilateralism and celebrated globalization, accusations and counter-accusations and blame-games between and among respected institutions, leaders and governments (even friendly nations) pursuing national survival.

Sadly also, some of these cordial and diplomatic relationships built and cherished over decades and centuries have now turned soured due to COVI-19 pandemic, and these relations may take years to rebuild. All this survival of the fittest has nonetheless enable us to Identified and separated the courageous from the weaklings, and the compassionate from the cruel.

It is also worth mentioning that rape and Sexual Based Violence are dangerously on the high side and are becoming precarious trend across countries. Predators are on the prowls looking for preys, and toddlers, The Girl-Child, young boys and women and women (even the aged) are not generally safe again even in the confines their homes  and abode. There seems nowhere to hide now, the more disturbing aspect is the daily global toll and statistics of sexually assault victims are unpleasant and unacceptable.


Media the fourth power of the people also plays a crucial role in global affairs and globalization. Information flow is key in international relations and media plays a leading role and should thus be respected and always protected in this aspect. Good Journalism is needed for an increasing interconnected and interdependent world. Press men and women are trying their best in informing, transforming and empowering citizens through inspiring coverages, breaking news, updates, in-depth analysis, comprehensive reportage, editorials, research & documentary and other journalistic services. Journalists and media organizations great and small and around the world are tirelessly ensuring ensuing that the industry stays relevant. Unfortunately, inspite of its importance, good journalism are still being regularly attacked, impaired and shut-down, and journalists are either harassed or prevented from doing their jobs with some murdered in the line of duty. Press freedom is restricted by power drunk leaders. The world must rise to ensure that global media freedom is protected and attacks of media is firmly opposed and eradicated


All across the globe are cases of natural disasters that are upsetting and fatal. Floods, fire, climatic change, cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, buildings collapse due to heavy rains, mudslide, volcanic eruptions and other climatic disasters are claiming innocent and helpless lives and destroying properties more now.These natural destructions of global scale are issues of serious concerns and discussions in global affairs because of their scale, superseding nature and severity.



Nonetheless, not all are tales of woes; in all these global helplessness and upheavals ongoing there are still exists great and encouraging events taking place simultaneously around the world. As some nations are gradually opening up and their economies rebooting, with jobs being gained, markets burgeoning and products and services now patronized. Schools are reopening, COVID-19 vaccination on the rise and corporate and political appointments on course.

Howbeit, there is a better promise, a better bargain, and a sustainable way out of all these global imbroglios. For us as Christians, Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior has assured of continued protection even to the end in the midst of crises. In this world there will be tribulations but be of good cheer, I have overcome for you, our Lord and Master Jesus Christ has guaranteed. In other words there is hope on the horizon for nations (2 Chronicles 7; 10) and individuals experiencing global despairs. Through Jesus Christ, there is optimism from unpleasant global events; and our faith must be firmly anchored on Him for bailout, relief, protection and constant provisions. We are His and He is faithful to keep His own to the end. 

Pleasingly too, there is hope for anyone who do have a personal relationship with Him yet. Are you gravely affected by any of the ongoing worldly events? Are things not turning out well as expected or desired? Are you frustrated, distressed and depressed due to unfavorable national or global happenings? Are you afraid of the threat or possibility of lack and/or looming poverty? Are you concerned of sustaining your current gains and benefits, or worried they can be stolen, lost or reduced? Then you have a divine insurer. Jesus Christ said cast your burdens unto me for I care…for my yoke is easy and my burden is light. He is at the door of your heart right now waiting for an invitation to dine with you if you oblige him the honour.

Jesus longs for a personal relationship with you and wants to help you navigate these life problems and human errors. He wants to grant you peace in the middle of troubles, so if you don’t have him as your lord and personal savior but wants to, you have another opportunity now. You bow your heads and say this short prayer.

“Lord Jesus, I am happy to meet you through this medium, I confessed all my sins to you, please have mercy on me and help me not to go back to them again. From today, I accept you into my life, come reign, rule and relate with me I am yours now and forever. Thank you Lord for saving and accepting me into your fold, family and Household of Faith


It’s that simple! You must now make a commitment to grow in this faith and also begin to preach this gospel making disciples of all men and women; this is our whole essence on earth, all others are vanity that will fade away with time. All life treasures ends with this world and our works will be judge on what we do while being a sojourner on the earth. Therefore, avail yourself of a living church around you or online where the word of God is preached uncompromising and His power richly manifest.. Get in touch with me if you care as we continue to shine our lights for the world to see, through the gospel of salvation and good news. JESUS IS LORD!

By Olumide Ogunlade

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