9th December 2021

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The Nigerian Military and other security forces are ambitiously, aggressively and tactically advancing actions against banditry, terrorism, and all forms of harmful acts, crimes and criminality in the country. These various national security representatives, many at the battle and warfare frontlines (leaving families and loved ones behind), many gathering intels-reports at perilous points to boost security advancement, many daily risking their lives and many dead, having paid the supreme sacrifice to secure and safeguard the nation, and ensure it successfully march on in its national development pursuits deserves accolades and encouragement.

‘For these dedicated officers and personnel, men and women in various ranks, positions and commands: prison breaks, violence and plundering, rapes, cultism, abductions, killing sprees, separatists, arson and all sorts of unthinkable acts of evil perpetration Must Be Permanently Stopped And NOW is the time !’

Their identification, combative and regular interventions towards effective and sustainable national security means:

  • Citizens, foreigners and visitors in the country no longer live in fear of peril and be safe at all times.
  • People should be at liberty to thrive, live normal lives and engage in any legal activities in any corner of the country.
  • The different Nigerian states and Geo-Political Zones should not become endangered/No-Go arenas.
  • Our roads, airports, schools, homes and markets places should not be death traps and targeted points for abductors/kidnappers, but rather these infrastructures become safe paths and abodes.
  • Food security and sustenance, farmers protection and freedom, and food production are continually guaranteed and encouraged.
  • Business, economic.trade activities and livelihood must be restored and sustained.
  • Nigerian territorial space must be free and safe from insurrectionists and external aggressors.
President Buhari inspecting some Naval equipment in Lagos

Our gallant soldiers and security operatives must be well trained and regularly motivated at all times to carry out their duties; they must always be shown love and respect at every corner of the Nigerian society, and be actively supported to carry out their sensitive national assignments. Various security formations and arsenals should constantly be well equipped and protected by indigenous and foreign military hardwares for offensive and defensive purposes. The federal government in motivating these protective strives is also rapidly reinforcing and reinvorating efforts and strengthening nationwide security through provision of adequate welfare services, relevant and strategic training, job promotions, incentives such as salaries raise, accommodation, insurance, traveling and pension schemes, and strategic collaborations with local and international collaborators. President Buhari commissioning of some locally ‘made-in’ Nigeria Naval boats are encouraging.

Cross-section of joint security representatives

Also, the purchases of various forms of relevant and functional defence equipment and arsenal fortifications are regularly needed to bolster security. Kudos to the government in the procurement and delivery of the 12 A-29 Super Tucano fighter-jets from the United States These propeller-driven fast and warfare aircrafts armed with two-wing mounted machine guns can also be used for training, Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) among other functions. These combat aircrafts now in the relevant military custody in addition to several others will be used in bombarding, disloging and completely annihilating all forms of terrorist activities and insurgents operations in the country. It is hoped that with these aircrafts addition boosting the air fighting capabilities of the Airforce the nation will begin to heave huge sighs of relieve and security efforts begins to yield expected outcomes,

It’s Sure Bad Newa and Bad Days Ahead For The Bad Guys, Let’s therefore support our security forces around the country to win the these satanic blood thirsty and dark forces.

KUDOS To Flt. Lt Abayomi Dairo for his gallantry and making the nation proud… And SALUTE To The Nigerian Joint Security Agencies and Representatives For Their Selfless Services And Love For A Nation.

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Written by olumide ogunlade


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